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Revolutionizing Future Healthcare with HIPAA-Compliant AITMED PLATFORMS - AI WEB3 Powered
E-Health Solutions

AITMED all-in-one solution for patients, medical professionals, and organizations. We offer AI seamless healthcare documentation, data exchange, network referral, and medical e-commerce services, ensuring secure, private, and accessible healthcare anytime, anywhere.

Join AITMED today and transform healthcare together!

AI Features

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AI Provider's Note

AI - S.O.A.P. Note

Streamlines the creation of detailed medical notes, saving time and reducing administrative load for healthcare providers.


AI voice recognition, transcription, and translation

AI Personalized Voice translation and transcription:

Provides multi-language voice recognition for healthcare professionals, streamlining dictation and transcription with a focus on accuracy, privacy, and security.

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AI Surgery Report

AI - Surgery Report

Utilizes AI to aid in generating detailed surgical reports, enhancing accuracy and comprehensiveness for healthcare professionals.


AI Assist Network referring 

AI - Assist Network Referring

Streamlines the connection between patients and suitable healthcare providers for telemedicine and referrals, improving care access and expanding provider networks.


AI Coding & Billing

AI - Billing

Enabling providers to improve revenue cycle efficiency and reduce errors for better reimbursement outcomes.


AI Diagnosis & Recommendation of Treatment

AI Assisting Diagnosis and Recommendation of Treatment:  

Offering providers data-driven insights to enhance clinical decision-making and patient care outcomes.

More features coming up...

We are Aitmed


Physicians and NPs using Aitmed


Patients using Aitmed


Admin running on Aitmed

Why AiTmed ?

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Streamlined Clinic Workflows

Aitmed designed with providers in mind, offering tailored solutions that enhance clinical workflows, ultimately empowering your clinic and team of healthcare providers to deliver superior patient care.

One Minute Sign Up

Get rid of the lengthy forms & complexity !

Get started with AiTmed in just one minute !

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Communication Tool
between Patient - Provider,
Provider - Provider

Easy communicate !

Secure messaging !

Real time data sharing !

Appointment scheduling !


Seamless Healthcare Workflow with AiTmed

With AiTmed, managing your healthcare needs has never been easier. Our platform provides you with a simplified healthcare workflow that ensures you get the right care at the right time. Our user-friendly interface guides you through the telehealth experience and allows you to communicate with your healthcare team seamlessly.


Integrating Seamlessly with Other Healthcare Software

We understand that you may be using other healthcare software. That's why our platform integrates easily with other industry-leading software to provide you with a seamless experience. Our platform works with Electronic Health Records (EHRs), practice management software, and other healthcare applications to ensure that you receive the best possible care.

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Access Easy-to-Read Health Reports Anytime, Anywhere

Keeping track of your health care progress is essential. That's why we provide you with easy-to-read health reports that help you understand your health care journey. Our platform allows you to access your health reports anytime, anywhere, so you can stay up-to-date on your healthcare progress.


How AiTmed Makes Your Healthcare Life Easier?





Premium Network &






Highest Level of Privacy & Security








Hear It from Our Customers

Case 1, AI SOAP Note, AI Coding for provider’s daily operation:

Dr. Arlyne L., owner of an urgent care center, is a passionate advocate for the revolutionary AI WEB3 Aitmed platform. The platform's advanced features, including AI-powered translation, transcription, AI SOAP note generation, AI ICD and CPT coding have been transformative for her practice. These capabilities have eliminated the need for a full-time transcriber, minimized the error at billing,  and speeded up medical billing process, leading to a significant reduction in overhead costs by at least 30% and an increase in income by approximately 15-20%. More importantly, the platform has greatly enhanced patient satisfaction. Given these substantial benefits, Dr. Arlyne L. highly recommends Aitmed to all medical professionals, from general practitioners to specialists across various fields.

Aitmed Providers Testimonies: (from MD, PA, Therapist)

Patients’ Testimonies


Case 1, Telemedicine Combined with On-Site Care and TCM (Transient Continuing Care Management):

Kevin, who suffered a severe and complex wrist injury at work, was located several hundred miles from our Southern California surgery center. His initial evaluation was promptly conducted by our world-renowned hand surgeon remotely via the revolutionary AI WEB3-powered Aitmed platform. The subsequent surgery was successfully performed at an Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC). Post-surgery, Kevin's recovery was expertly managed through a combination of Aitmed’s telemedicine and on-site visits. He has now fully recovered from this traumatic accident, thanks to the advanced capabilities and seamless coordination provided by the Aitmed platform.

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Empower your clinic today!

Experience the impact of Aitmed-AI WEB3 powered e-healthcare solution within your organization.

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