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See a doctor anytime, anywhere

Removing barriers of a walk in clinic, AiTmed makes seeing a doctor convenient and affordable. On-Demand access to healthcare. In minutes, you can connect to a doctor, get evaluation, diagnosis, and prescribe medication if needed.

See a doctor through our secure video connection and begin treatment right away.

AiTmed treats most common conditions including:

Pink Eye
Bug Bites
Strep Throat
And More

Seeing a doctor has never been easier

Don’t wait for your clinic to be open or your doctor to be available. AiTmed brings a doctor to you 24/7. Online doctor visits are fast, convenient and more affordable than the ER or urgent care.

Urgent Care

The most common conditions can be treated through AiTmed.

A select amount of specialists including OBGYN, pediatrics, orthopedic, and hand surgeons, and more.
Mental Health

Licensed psychologists and psychiatrists here for you when you need them most.

See an orthopedic hand specialist today.

  • Carpal Tunnel
  • Tendonitis
  • Hand Surgery
  • Broken Hand/Finger
  • Second Opinion
  • Cut Hand/Finger
  • Wrist Trauma
  • And More
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VIP Medical Care

(Coming soon)

Our unique VIP service combines the convenience of sending a doctor to your home for personalized care while providing you with a comprehensive, customized executive physical with a full range of preventive screening tests.
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