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About Us

AiTmed is the premier and world leader in telehealth service by using blockchain and Artificial Intelligence technology to give people the most secure and highest level of personal privacy in a faster, more convenient platform that will produce better outcomes for our consumers, physicians, employers, employees, and medical institutions that we serve.

Our Story

AiTmed, Inc. is a privately held Delaware corporation. Founded on January 19, 2018, by Dr. Gary Chen, MD, an esteemed orthopedic and hand surgeon with a penchant for visionary ideas. AiTmed was established in response to the significant challenges faced within the healthcare information exchange systems, particularly the inefficiencies in securely managing and disseminating healthcare records. These challenges have often led to interruptions in patient care continuity, especially involving various medical specialists and providers. 
Recognizing the insufficiencies of current software solutions, AiTmed undertook the challenge of crafting its proprietary software environment. Through relentless innovation, AiTmed has presented groundbreaking developments such as the blockchain-based Edge-Computing Operating System (ECOS) and the AI bionic programming language, NOODL. These innovations were pivotal in enhancing the platform’s adaptability and its capacity to meet the dynamic demands of AI technologies, especially within telemedicine. 
AiTmed’s core product, AiTmed-PACS, exemplifies a line of evolutionary products, including AiTmed-Care/patient, AiTmed-Provider, Aitmed-Admin (medical facility), AiTmed-Search. These have been progressively launched, addressing various facets of healthcare from electronic billing to AI-driven documentation, eventually boosting provider productivity and patient satisfaction.


As of now, Aitmed's platform is actively used by over 500 doctors and 150 clinics, demonstrating its robust and user-friendly nature. This significant adoption rate highlights the platform's reliability and effectiveness in the healthcare sector. The platform's advanced features, including AI integration, have been key in attracting this diverse user base. Aitmed is committed to further growth, with a strategic goal to expand its network to 1000 partner clinics by the end of 2024. This objective underscores the company's dedication to innovation and expanding its footprint in the healthcare technology industry.

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