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Creating the most innovative
management system for your practice


The World's Most Secure and Private Communication Between Providers

AiTmed allows providers to communicate instantly with each other through a blockchain secured, HIPAA compliant portal to discuss patient care, consultations, referrals, orders, and basic communication needs through phone, messaging, or chat.

Simple schedule manager

Manage your provider's availability for virtual or in-person appointments while allowing your patients to self schedule through our patient portal.

Modernized EHR and patient management system

Use our analytics feature to easily see an overview of your facility’s traffic. Update, store, or transfer your patients’ records with one click. A management system can’t get any easier.

one-click e-referral

AiTmed's premium e-referral network will change the way providers can refer patients to any specialty with ease. Refer patients with any of their medical records, labs, or imaging with speed.

Expand your practice today !
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