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Mission Statement

AiTmed’s goal is to ensure the highest quality of life by providing clinics, physicians, and patients with access to vital health resources worldwide on a revolutionary bionic AI Web3 healthcare platform.

History and Milestones

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  1. Initial Launch (2015-2018): Aitmed introduced its first version, Aitmed V1.0, marking the company's initial establishment and market entry.

  2. Blockchain Integration (November 2019): The company launched a product based on ECOS blockchain technology, demonstrating continuous innovation in ensuring data security and improving system efficiency.

  3. NOODL Language Development (March 2020): Aitmed developed the NOODL language, enhancing its product's technical architecture, offering more powerful features, and an improved user experience.

  4. Remote Medical Platform Integration (May 2021): Aitmed integrated four remote medical platforms, expanding its service range to meet the growing demand for remote medical services.

  5. E-commerce Expansion (July 2022): The company ventured into the e-commerce sector, widening its business scope and providing users with more convenient options to purchase medical products online.

  6. Grand Opening Announcement (April 2023): Aitmed declared its full market entry to all investors and consumers.

  7. AI Technology Integration (August 2023): The company combined its medical platform with AI technology, developing features like AI report to enhance user work efficiency.

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