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ONC Certification and Costs

Vendor Name: AiTmed Inc.

Product Name: AiTmed Telehealth System

Version: 2.0


Date Certified: December 1, 2022

Date Updated: November 21, 2023

This Health IT Module is compliant with the ONC Certification Criteria for Health IT and has been certified by an ONC-ACB in accordance with the applicable certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services. This certification does not represent an endorsement by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Certified Criteria:

  • 170.315(b)(10)

  • 170.315(d)(1)

  • 170.315(d)(2)

  • 170.315(d)(3)

  • 170.315(d)(4)

  • 170.315(d)(5)

  • 170.315(d)(6)

  • 170.315(d)(7)

  • 170.315(d)(8)

  • 170.315(d)(9)

  • 170.315(d)(12)

  • 170.315(d)(13)

  • 170.315(g)(4)

  • 170.315(g)(5)

Additional Software Required


AiTmed Telehealth System Pricing and Costs

AiTmed, Inc. offers services incurring two kinds of charges: per-use-based charge and subscription-based charges;

• Per-Use-Charge: Usage charge includes, but not limited to, the cost of the communication for tele-health service, secure store and access of medical documents, payment processing, and many add-on convenient features yielding from artificial intelligent(AI).

• Subscription Charges: includes various premium services, such as, training service and technical support service, AI-medical billing service, payer enrollment assistant service, etc..

Additional Costs

In addition to the Pricing and Costs outlined above, the following may require an additional one-time or annual fee:

• E-Prescriber option- annual $80 licensing fee per provider for sending over sure-Script network.

• System migration and setup fee.

• CPT AMA License - fee paid directly to AMA or an authorized distributor.

• Immunization Registry - setup fee and per Provider fee paid directly to HealthCareXchange.

These charges and fees are subjected to be changed to align with AiTmed business objectives with or without notice.

Multi-Factor Authentication 170.315(d)(13)

AiTmed Telehealth System, 2.0 has a multi-factor solution which covers the users’ login process into the product. First, a user enters its username and password. Then the system sends a 6-digit verification code. After the verification code and the password are verified, the system granted its access.

EHI Export Functionality

AiTmed enables providers to export patient EHI at any time without developer assistance, both individually selected patients as well as batch export of multiple patients including full population. Export formats include an HTML file for structured data presentation, as well as the native format of documents attached to the account. The HTML file and associated documents will be in a dedicated folder bearing the patient’s name. The contents of data recorded directly into AiTmed will be formatted into an HTML document, providing a structured and easy-to-read layout of each data field. AiTmed also allows documents to be uploaded and associated with the patient chart, and the EHI Export will include those documents in the original native format in which they were uploaded.

ONC CERTIFIED HIT® is a registered trademark of HHS

SLI CERTIFIED® is a registered trademark of Gaming Laboratories International, LLC dba SLI Compliance.

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